Good quotes from rap songs

Some people debate and feel that rap might just be dead but it is not. Rap still lives and you will find many awesome good quotes from rap songs. The truth is, rap has been around for a lot of generations and it will continue to thrive. A good rap song can put you in the mood to dance and work out plus inspire you to do other things.

You can use good quotes from rap songs on so many things. They look awesome on tattoos, cards, key chains, hats, shirts, socks, boxers, clothes and even on things for your pets. You can take a good quote from a rap song and do whatever you like with it and prove that rap is still very much alive today. One of the quotes I really like a lot comes from Lil Wayne: “What goes around comes around, like a hula hoop”. Of course, there’s the famous rap line from Soulja Boy “Kiss Me Through The Phone” that would be awesome in a card or text message when you’re unsure as to what you should say and someone has captured your heart.

Eminem quotes might also be good to know such as “The truth is you don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow. Life is a crazy ride, nothing is guaranteed”. That quote comes directly from Eminem and it’s so true the more you think about it. This kind of quote is a good one to inspire people to move on and just let go of their problems because you never know what might happen tomorrow. A lot of people have problems with letting go and it’s good to be reminded sometimes that in life you sometimes just should let go and move on to better things. If you research and look online you will find many more awesome good quotes from rap songs.

Good quotes from rap songs

I have found that good quotes from rap songs often times are always memorable. They stick with me and help me out daily and that’s another reason as to why it’s good to know and learn them. You never know when they might come in handy. You can teach rap and inspire someone else to listen just with teaching them some good quotes that come from awesome rap songs. A lot of people might just not know enough rap quotes to inspire them.

You will find yourself singing and rapping all day long after you find good quotes from rap songs online. You will be amazed at how one quote can change the course of your day and if you are struggling, then you should really look up a good quote to help you out. Another thing, you never know when a quote from a rap song might help out someone else when they are down or having a rotten day. Some of the rap singers you might want to look into for inspiration include LL Cool, Eminem, Snoop Dogg and 50 Cents just to name a few.

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